A Happy Space

Erica will inspire you to create the surroundings you’ve always wanted

Keep reading. Below are just a handful of the clients who believe in the guiding hand of Erica Edelman at Get A Life. You can do it too!

“I highly recommend Erica for helping to organize your home and your business. Erica shines as an organizer in several ways including:

  • The energy she brings to the project
  • The experience she’s had organizing so many homes (all rooms), garages and offices
  • The educational tips about the organizing process that she offers

I especially recommend Erica when you are experiencing a life transition and want someone who can help you get your things and your thinking organized.”

– Charlotte Purvis of Purvis Communications in Durham, North Carolina

“Erica is the best! Before I started working with her, my home office was filled with my child’s art projects, fabric swatches, birthday presents – almost everything except my actual work. Erica has helped me develop a system that’s easy for me to maintain. Now I can find the papers I need and can actually get my work done; I can even see my desktop!

Best of all, Erica is great to work with. She is smart, kind and has a great sense of humor. Her collaborative style and attention to detail make her great at her work. I recommend her without hesitation.”

– Michele L. in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

“I have had a professional relationship with Erica for the past few years. My life is totally different now, thanks to what I’ve learned from her. Because she is so non-judgmental, I was able to let her see my shameful secrets: clothes piled high in closets, piles of papers shoved into cabinets, drawers and other places because I didn’t know what to do with them. Erica is able to figure out systems that I can maintain.

I have ADD and anxiety about disorganization really triggers it. Erica has been able to work with my quirks and phobias about organization. She understands that, as an artist, I have a visual need to see my stuff, and that my systems need to be convenient and easy. I am able to function at a higher level and have more confidence because of Erica.”

– Julie F. in Raleigh, North Carolina