Specializing in Creating Order Out of Chaos

Erica believes that organizing is a skill that anyone can learn

Erica Edelman is president of Get A Life. The company has been in operation since 1997. During that time, she has helped hundreds of clients regain control over their clutter. From her experience, Erica knows that organizing is a skill that anyone can learn and, moreover, that it’s a skill that can be personalized.

She organizes people and businesses throughout the Triangle Area of North Carolina including Hillsborough, Chapel Hill, Durham and Carrboro.

Erica’s specialties are in four main areas:

  • Paperwork systems. Erica can help you make sense out of the piles of paperwork and – with you – will create systems designed to work for the way you think.
  • Space and stuff. There’s often a disconnect between available space and the stuff designated for that space. Erica’s compassionate approach to processing these overfull spaces will make it possible for you to “find a home” for the things that need to stay and to develop approaches to keep space and stuff at an equilibrium.
  • Finances. Erica assists many of her clients with a range of financial services: tax preparation (including back taxes), bookkeeping and Quicken/QuickBooks.
  • Time management. In all of our lives, there are ways that we might be more efficient or productive. As you and Erica work together, do-able ways to improve your use of time may become clear.

She will help you organize an office, kitchen, closet, garage, attic or basement and/or countless piles of paperwork. Her primary goal is to create systems that work for — and can be maintained by — YOU!

Erica Edelman is a long time member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), and a founding member of the North Carolina Chapter of NAPO.

Erica Edelman holds a BA Degree in Physical Anthropology from Duke University with a focus on archaeology and animal behavior that has proven to be a valuable tool in her organizing endeavors. She has a BS degree in Broadcast Management from Middle Tennessee State University.

“Our life is frittered away by detail… simplify, simplify.”
Henry David Thoreau

“Instead of thinking outside of the box…
get rid of the box.”

Deepak Chopra